FuboTV’s new package “Fubo Extra”


FuboTV adds a new package called Fubo Extra


FuboTV claims to be the best streaming service on the market to watch sports without cable. However, their channel lineups aren’t limited entirely to sports. In fact, they don’t even offer ESPN. An announcement came from the company today that they are extending their channel offerings and now have a package option called Fubo Extra. You won’t get some of the major sports stations like ESPN, TNT or TBS like we mentioned were missing in our FuboTV review, but you will get a handful of additional niche networks for a small price increase.

FuboTV Extra Channel Lineup

FuboTV’s base package, Fubo, costs $44.99 and has over 80 channels. Fubo Extra goes above and beyond this and will include every channel and feature offered in the base package plus a few extra stations. It only costs $5 more a month for about a dozen extra channels, giving it a little bit of a Sling TV add-on feel.

You do get a 7 day free trial as well as discounted first month to try the service. The discounted price for both the first month of the base and the extra package is $19.99.

The image below shows the channels available through Fubo Extra at our Boston office. Make sure to check their website for yourself to ensure your local stations are also available.


Source: Fubo.tv

Since Fubo Extra is so similar to their base package, it makes more sense to discuss the differences than the entire package. We think it makes more sense to consider Fubo Extra as a $5 add-on to the base package to determine if the dozen channels are worth the price difference or not. The channels that Fubo Extra adds are:

  • BabyTV
  • BBC World News
  • Cooking Channel
  • DIY Network
  • Game Show Network
  • INSP
  • PeopleTV
  • Sony Movie Channel
  • Stadium

Most of the channels on the list seem a little out of place for what Fubo offers. The oddball mix of music, entertainment, and lifestyle channels seem like they would be better fit in an existing add-ons or in a category of their own. We’d like to see Fubo add some of the more requested sports networks like ESPN, MLB/NHL Networks, TNT or TBS rather than continuing to add these “filler stations”.

We’re huge advocates for options in streaming services and are glad to see Fubo create a new package rather than just tack them onto the base option and increase its cost. However, if you’re going to market yourself as a sports network, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to add costs to users for such niche networks. To put it in perspective, Fubo is now the only streaming service to offer INSP at all. While fantastic to now be have an option to get the channel, recommending a sports service to get INSP feels a bit odd.

Keep in mind that you can continue to add more customization to your Fubo Extra package through add-ons. Most of their add-ons are targeted towards certain sports, but you can also add premium channels like Showtime. You also get access to their cloud DVR and Lookback feature as part of your subscription. To see a full list of their add-on packages or to subscribe to the Fubo Extra plan, visit Fubo.tv.

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